Tips To Drive Traffic To Your Blog or Website

Posted on 7:23 PM by Srinivasan Mohan

If you started a blog and you want to make some future, you need to concentrate on your traffic in the start, rather than getting your friends to click on the ads. But how to make people come to your website, read it and come again. Analyzing and detailing it will take almost a year. Here by you got the some helpful tips, posting some quick tips for the new blogger.

Content : You post even just one post a day,it should have content which has quality.Its better to have single good post than 10 bad ones.viewers always appreciate the pages with good
content.You should make your best effort in getting them back to your site again.Make your posts conversational, pithy and topical. Keep them short and stick to one topic per post.Write often and regularly so that both readers and search engines visit your blog more often.

Search Engines : one of the best sources of traffic if you make your site well organised.Come up with nice keywording and you will get good page ranking .The more is your page rank the more the ad provide want to pay to you.Make sure your blog URL has got very good keyword in its title.Use submission sites to submit your URL in all the search engines like google,yahoo..Dont forget to submit your feed in RSS directories.There are sites which has submission directory links in bulk.Go there and submit your feed URL. use feed stats to attract users like the feedburner chicklet i have in my subscribe box.

Signature : post your blog address in the signature in your email making the users know your presence in the web.Go to each and every place where you find a lot of surfers like forums,social networks,community discussion and write your link over there.Write your link in the comments of the most famous blogs.But remember that Google dont count this as a linkback to your site.

Email subscription : Dont forget to give a link of subscribe to updates through email on your blog.
Social bookmarking: Add a link of submit my site to digg, redditt, blinklist, buzz it and the end of each article your write like i have on my blog. Submit your articles to these sites to get best traffic.

Backlinking : Try to contact authors of good blogs and request them for backlinks.It should nt look to them that you are begging,Write a letter like this"I have something interesting for you on my webpage.If you find my site or blog interesting,give me a link o my site on your webpage"

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