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How to Create Sitemap for your Website

There are many third party software and tools available on the internet for creating the sitemaps. Even I do use the tools when I am short of time. But it's always better to learn to know how to create the one manually. Here I am listing the procedure for creating the sitemap for your website.

Basically there are 3-steps for the sitemap,

1. Creating the Sitemap, in .XML file extension
2. Saving the Sitemap in the root directory of the server, and
3. Submitting the Sitemap to the search engine

1) Creating the Sitemap

The sitemap creation is very simple, just need to follow the following steps.

* Open any text editor, like notepad etc, and then save the file as - sitemap.xml


* Just copy paste the template as shown in the figure above. Now change the URL to your business domain or website.

* If your site consists of more than 4 pages, then just change copy the URL section of the site map and change the URL's accordingly.

* There can be more attributes for the sitemap, other than the URL, like

1. Changing frequency
2. Last Modified
3. Priority

You can add these details as per your need. For more details go to the suggested reading section down in the post.

2) Saving the Sitemap in the root directory of the website
Save the XML Sitemap in the root directory of the website.

3) Submitting the Sitemap to the Search Engines
This is the third step of the Sitemap creation and is very important. Submit the sitemap to the search engines, and by that I mean to submit it to the major 3 - Search Engines, i.e., the Google, Yahoo and the MSN.

* GOOGLE - Create the webmaster's account, if you done have, or-else sign in to the Google Webmaster Accounts. Submit the Sitemap where it says for Sitemap submission.

* YAHOO - Create an account in Yahoo, or sign in for the same. Add the sitemap by clicking to Submit Site Feed

* MSN - In order to submit the sitemap to MSN, sign in to your MSN's account by going to Webmaster Tools or create one if don't have. Go the section where it says add sitemap, so add it there. And hence you are done.

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