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Posted on 2:12 AM by Srinivasan Mohan

Two weeks ago Google has been launched Google Chrome 2 and now Google Chrome 3. Yes, it seems that Google is in hurry to compete in versions with other Internet browsers applications. There is no so much difference in Chrome 3 as compare to the last released version.

Published Chromium developers release notes for Chrome 3 describes 16 features which are fixed in Chrome 3 that means there are no enhancements in browser. Some of fixes are multiple crash fixes, book marks extension, tab enhancements, localhost problems fixings etc. Google Chrome 3 is just released for MS Windows PCs. As there is no prominent distinctive line in functions of Chrome 2 and Chrome 3, so read Chrome 3 release notes before moving for new version.

A feature you won't probably use too often, at least for now, is the support for the HTML5 video and audio tags. Like Firefox 3.5, Chrome includes video codecs that allow you to embed videos without using slow and unreliable plug-ins like Adobe Flash. You can test this feature in, an experimental Ogg video uploading site, or in YouTube's HTML5 demo page, which uses an H.264 video.

One year after the first release, the numbers are impressive: "51 developer, 21 beta and 15 stable updates and 3,505 bugfixes". Google Chrome's market share is 2.84%, according to Net Applications, but the browser's impact was even more significant: Chrome set a high standard for browsers by focusing on speed, a simplified user interface and by handling web pages as if they were applications. Safari 4, as well as the the next versions of Firefox, are influenced by Google Chrome's simplicity.

In other Chrome news, the documentation for creating extensions is now available and the support for extensions is enabled by default in the dev channel. If you use the stable version of Chrome, you need to wait a little bit.

Download Google Chrome 3

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