Google Caffeine New Search Index & Algorithm | Google Answer to Bing

Posted on 7:52 AM by Srinivasan Mohan

Microsoft launched its new search engine Bing in June, positioning it as a “decision engine” which delivers more than just page results. They also parnered with Yahoo recently gaining license to Yahoo’s search technology. This will allow Microsoft to extend its new search engine Bing to all of Yahoo’s Web properties. Microsoft has already started to steal some search engine market share from Google. Facebook is also giving competition to Google by releasing a new realtime search engine.

Google is, however. not taking these developments lightly. For last several months, Google has been secretly working on a new project - codenamed Caffeine - the next generation of Google Search engine. This is not going to be a minor upgrade, but an entire new architecture for Google search engine. In short, it will be a completely new version of Google.

The next generation search architecture dubbed Caffeine - is still under development, but Google has released a beta version of Caffeine for public. Though very little is known about Caffeine’s algorithms and inner workings, its launch has come at the right time when by Microsoft is making an all out effort to grab a share in the search engine marketplace, where it is currently in the third position.

As per statement released by Google, the objective for the new version of Google Search is to improve its size, indexing speed, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. There is no confirmation from Google about when it would formally launch the new Caffeine architecture.

We tested Caffeine for few keyword phrases, and found out that it is much more faster, and has more indexed pages. Search results are obviously little different than the ones you get in the current version of Google. Why don’t you take a test drive yourself to see how the new Google search engine works?

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