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Posted on 7:39 PM by Srinivasan Mohan

Getting quality keyword anchored backlinks is the name of the game in SEO.

When obtaining backlinks to your site, it is important to include you keyword as the text for the link! Google uses the anchor text to make choices about the content of your page and how to rank you for certain keywords.

5 Ways to Anchor Your Links Like a Newbie

1. Use “here” / “click here” / “my website” when you link to your site. Congrats, you just told Google your site is about “here” or “click here”; not “clocks”, “clothing”, “video games”, “credit cards”, or “loans”.

2. Using your name as your primary anchor text. You’ll rank really well for your name, but you’re going to have one hell of a time making money from that. When was the last time you saw massive demand for “Frank”?

3. Using your business name. So you’ll rank really well for your business name, but this will do nothing but provide traffic from people who already know who you are. What about bringing in new people? Enough people will link to you with your site / business name, so you’ll earn the top spot for your name eventually by default, especially if your business name is your URL.

4. Anchoring your online nickname. This is even worse than your name. Who is ever going to search for CoolDuDz1978 or something crazy like that?

5. Anchoring the same thing over and over. This is the next step newbies take. You tell them “anchor your keyword” and they go get 1000 exact keyword anchored links over night. Google bomb much? Google will see this as spam and could actually hurt you. Mix it up.

5 Ways To Anchoring Links a Pro

1. Anchor your keyword, related keywords, and long tail keywords.
2. Anchor deep pages with keywords.
3. Develop a “keyword” nick name. *cough* *cough* SEO Tips & Tricks / Basic seo Factors *cough* *cough*
4. Develop a keyword sitename. Court’s “Internet Marketing” School. <– f’ing great.
5. Get creative with your anchor text. My friend’s company he works for is “Paramore Redd”. They always anchor Designed by: Parmore Redd. Why not anchor something like “P|R Nashville Online Marketing”?
6. Use your keyword in your site title, like “How to Make Money Online“, that way people will use the keyword as the anchor text when they refer to you.

Looking at someone’s anchor text really shows how much they know about SEO. And by links, I’m talking about links pointing to your site from other sites organically. Don’t get this confused with the type of linking Court is talking about in his post How To Make Money Posting Links On Google. Those type of links aren’t real links at all, but are contextual advertisements. Those “google links” are actually Adsense ads. But anways, the role anchor text plays in your SERPS success is HUGE. Do not get caught anchoring like a newbie. Put some thought in creative ways to get the anchors you want. Of course, sometimes you have to go with the site name or your name, but try to get as many keyword anchored links as you can.

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