Website Content Optimization

Posted on 4:14 AM by Srinivasan Mohan

* Website agreeable enhancement should be different like it should be not affected from any added web sites.

* Seek engines (Google, Yahoo, Msn etc,) like different content.

* Website agreeable should be Seek engine affable and user can accept easily.

* Replace the keywords with grammar like it, this, that etc. and use beneath grammar in the content.

* Use sub-headings and point to point in agreeable with case studies and examples.

* Avoid tricks to bluff the seek engines and to advance the page rank.

* A acceptable aphorism for autograph a different agreeable anticipate your cocky that whether the agreeable is adequate to the user and you are answer the actual affair to the users.

* Anticipate about the keywords which is use abounding to the users, to accesses your web pages in the seek engines .Make abiding that those keywords should accompanying to the content.

* Optimize your web website with primary and accessory keywords in your website agreeable so this helps to cull your abstracts in the seek engines and you can rank simple for those keywords.

* Avoid images and use argument to affectation the names, content, or links. The spiders or crawlers don’t admit argument independent in images.

* Bolded or Underlined the keywords in the website agreeable best 4 times in the web page by this you can access the important of the keywords in the content.

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