Top 10 Search Engine Ranking Factors

Posted on 6:36 AM by Srinivasan Mohan

A contempo commodity in SEOmoz provides a abundant accord of advice about assorted SEO factors, anecdotic abundant on-site enhancement techniques and off-site (linking) approach and summarizing the accumulated ability of arch SEO practioners. The top 10 techniques, according to the article, include:

1. The page’s appellation tag (include keywords)

2. Hotlink ballast argument (include keywords)

3. Use of keywords in the document

4. The accessibility of the certificate (can seek engines see it and apprehend the content?)

5. Internal bond (linking aural your website from one page to another)

6. Primary accountable amount of your website (consistent use of your markets language, focus on content)

7. Links to alien sites (quality links may reflect aloft you, but don’t amplify it)

8. Hotlink acceptance in contemporary association (do added sites about your affair hotlink to you?)

9. Global hotlink acceptance (do all kinds of sites hotlink to you?)

10. Keyword spamming (a abrogating factor, don’t overuse your keywords)

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