Search Engine work better than Google

Posted on 8:16 AM by Srinivasan Mohan

Have you heard about PowerSet ? Hold on, I am not talking about concepts of set theory. Actually, PowerSet is a San Francisco based seek engine aggregation who is developing a accustomed accent seek engine which will attempt with Google, Live, AltaVista and Yahoo. That seek engine will acknowledgment the concern of user’s questions. At present all the seek engines are based on keywords. According to PowerSet, catechism seek is a bigger way to search. So assuredly they accept launched a new seek engine as today, the aggregation has appear the absolution of this seek engine but at present this seek engine is alone analytic Wikipedia. For this Powerset has created an basis of Wikipedia by belief the acceptation of absolute sentences rather than the accord amid words. Now the user will accept to blazon the complete catechism to get the complete acknowledgment from the seek result.

Let us yield an example, seek “when India got Independence” on both seek engines, PowerSet and Google and now analyze the results. The account is bright Powerset has appear up with best accessible seek result. Now it is absolutely bright that Google is not amount 1 Seek Engine for Wikipedia.

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