What Is Keywords Density?

Posted on 7:25 PM by Srinivasan Mohan

When it comes to search engine content King! Yes the King! Search engines want to Web sites which are rich in content. The contents are words that are embedded in the text on a Web site. The ratio of keyword density is one of the most important get good search engine ranking ingredients and influences in the search engines, as for the classification on the basis of one of its Web site.

For those who are not sure about keyword density and how search engines for its classification structure, configure I explained. Keyword density is the total number of times the keywords appears in the contents of the Web site, including images, text and hyperlinks ALT tag. I'll explain each of you so you better understanding of the principles. Keyword density is measured simple mathematical formulas used to configure your ratio of keyword density.

Configure your keyword density ratio take rate, displaying the keyword in the content on the Web site you divide by the total number of words and is keyword density. I you quick example keyword marketing: example: keyword "marketing-47 occurrences in the text on the Web site and if you 315 words on the Web site of your keyword density ratio is 15%.

The keyword density, the biggest impact naturally above the best ranking search engines received by you. Becareful, will not repeat the same keywords or phrases in the keyword density increase. The Web site may ultimately as broken record.