Basic SEO Factors | 82 SEO Steps for Beginners

Hi Guys, these are the Basic SEO steps which i have posted in my blog, and i think this is very useful tips for beginners, as well as SEO guys, who all are optimising the sites, if i miss any please share that things guys :

1. Website analysis
2. Keyword Research
3. Adding Emphasis with Header Tags
4. Adding Emphasis with Tail Tags
5. Bold, Italic effect to main keywords
6. Canonicalization
7. Competition Analysis
8. CSS Validation
9. Google Base Feeds
10. H Tags Optimization (Eg: H1, H2, H3)
11. Header Tag Optimization
12. HTML Code Clean Up & Optimization
13. Image & Hyperlink Optimization
14. In depth site Analysis
15. Link Validation
16. Meta Description Tags Optimization
17. Meta Keywords Tags Optimization
18. Navigation & Design Optimization
19. PR Sculpting
20. Robots.txt Optimization
21. Text Modification Tags Optimization
22. Title Tag Optimization
23. URL Rewrite
24. W3C Validation
25. Working on HTML Source Code
26. Link Development
27. Authoritative Submissions
28. Broken Links Checking
29. Directory Submissions
30. Extraction of Site Url’s ( Link Level Depth)
31. Internal Link Structuring
32. Link Building ( Link Bait )
33. Manual Link Request to Related Sites
34. One way link (PR4 or Greater)
35. Site Back-links count
36. Local Search Engine Optimization
37. Custom Review Submission
38. h card Integration
39. Local Search Engine Submission
40. Testimonial Submission
41. Updating pages for local searches
42. Website Usability & Conversion
43. Being Webmaster Tools account setup & monitoring
44. Google Webmaster Tools account setup & monitoring
45. Installing Usability Tools on Website
46. Monthly Website Conversion Tracking
47. Optimization for Multiple Browsers
48. Article Submission
49. Blog Comment on Relevant Blogs
50. Blog Designing for the website
51. Blog Submission
52. Classified submission
53. Creating Promotional pages on hubpages, squidoo, etc
54. Face Book Twitter Marketing
55. Integration of page bookmarking tools
56. Integration of page sharing tools
57. Paid Submission
58. Photo Sharing
59. PPT Submission
60. Press Release
61. Product Indexing on Google Base
62. Rss Feeds
63. Social Bookmarking
64. Video Submission
65. Content Writing & Optimization
66. Article Writing
67. Blog Writing
68. Content Modification
69. Press Release Writing
70. Thematically Optimization of content pages
71. Website content writing through Latent Semantic Indexing
72. Website Spell Check
73. XML Site Map Creation & Submission
74. SE Saturation Checking ( Google, Yahoo & Bing)
75. Log file analysis
76. Google, Yahoo & Bing Site Map Creation
77. Google Analytics Funnel Creation
78. Google Analytics Account Setup
79. Deep Indexing Recommendations
80. Checking server response code for each URL
81. Check Search Engine Road Blocks
82. Check PR of each url

What Is Keywords Density?

When it comes to search engine content King! Yes the King! Search engines want to Web sites which are rich in content. The contents are words that are embedded in the text on a Web site. The ratio of keyword density is one of the most important get good search engine ranking ingredients and influences in the search engines, as for the classification on the basis of one of its Web site.

For those who are not sure about keyword density and how search engines for its classification structure, configure I explained. Keyword density is the total number of times the keywords appears in the contents of the Web site, including images, text and hyperlinks ALT tag. I'll explain each of you so you better understanding of the principles. Keyword density is measured simple mathematical formulas used to configure your ratio of keyword density.

Configure your keyword density ratio take rate, displaying the keyword in the content on the Web site you divide by the total number of words and is keyword density. I you quick example keyword marketing: example: keyword "marketing-47 occurrences in the text on the Web site and if you 315 words on the Web site of your keyword density ratio is 15%.

The keyword density, the biggest impact naturally above the best ranking search engines received by you. Becareful, will not repeat the same keywords or phrases in the keyword density increase. The Web site may ultimately as broken record.