Top 4 Basic SEO Factors for Website and Blog

Posted on 7:38 PM by Srinivasan Mohan

Page Load Time and Page Speed emerging as a quality factor : We’ve already seen heated discussions on it and its getting lot of focus these days. It makes sense to me that Google might consider page load times and page speed as a decisive factor in page quality for a site. it may not be a direct influential factor but like a one in hundred factors that decides the quality of a page. I mean, if a page is slick and fast loading it makes lives easier for both bots and users right ? So if there are two sites, one with slower load time and one with quicker load time, then it makes sense that Google might treat the first one as more friendly.

Not saying that sites slower to load will be neglected, but they will sure miss an opportunity. Also, this doesn’t mean that sites on shared hosting servers will take a blow – no. Google probably is thinking of making it fair to al, but the crux will be that faster loading sites, since they have taken the pain in making it an easier user experience, will be merited overall. Let’s wait and watch.

Intra document/web page anchor placement : This is a new concept I’ve learned from Bill Slawski. He talks about a patent being filed that states that search engines (Google) might consider matching search queries with phrases/keywords inside the document/webpage and directly take you to the part on the webpage where the phrase/keyword is present, rather than the webpage itself. This will be a time saving exercise but again, this also might take webmasters aback, as we were not prepared for this.

Social Media Influence on SERPs : Is it there yet ? I don’t think so. What can be done ? I’m not sure yet. But social media influence on SERPs is definitely going to be more important in the coming years, and search engines have to find out methods to clear off noise from signal and device ways to feature socially popular stories/websites within SERPs in a fair way possible. This is something really tricky because there are websites that have not embraced social media yet, so it won’t be fair to avoid them from the SERPs just because of that particular reason. But Social Media sure is an influencing factor, and you got to figure out how to decipher it.

Dynamic content getting more meaningful and SEO friendly : Dynamic content was like quicksand for SEOs because of its complexities and limitations in optimizing. But its high time we recognize that we got to live with it. Not everyone wat to go “textual”and minimalistic, so search engines have to figure out what they can do to decipher dynamic content and make it search engine friendly. Parameter Filter Handling was a good initiative but we need more. article from