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Posted on 11:11 AM by Srinivasan Mohan

Here are 10 SEO approach that accept formed and are alive for me at this moment in time.

1. Superior Agreeable is and consistently will be your amount one agency for accepting top rankings and befitting them. You accept to accept seek engines are artlessly businesses that accumulation a artefact like any added company. That artefact is information. They accept to action superior after-effects to anyone application their account to break a problem, acknowledgment a catechism or to buy a product. The added relevant, the added targeted the seek band-aid they return, the college the all-embracing superior of their artefact and the added accepted their seek engine will become. Providing superior agreeable is basic for SEO success.

2. Keywords are your amount one accoutrement for accomplishing top rankings. You accept to accept keywords and how they plan on the web. You accept to apperceive how abounding searches are fabricated anniversary day for your called keywords. Sites like Wordtracker and Seobook will accord you a abecedarian amount of searches. Architecture your pages about your targeted keywords and don't overlook to do some deep-linking to these pages on your site. Find and body backlinks to these autogenous keyword pages and not just to your home page or area URL. Picking keywords with average to low antagonism has formed out able-bodied for me. So too has application the added targeted and college converting "long-tail" keywords been actual benign for me.

3. Onpage Factors and website architecture will play a above role in the spidering and indexing of your site/content. Accomplish abiding all your pages are SEO friendly, accomplish abiding all your pages can be accomplished from your homepage and no pages should be added than three levels abroad from it - befitting a sitemap advertisement of all your above pages makes the seek engines happy. Accomplish abiding you accept all your meta tags such as title, description, keywords... optimized (Title = about 65 characters, Description = about 160 characters).

Remember, your appellation and description should be keyword targeted and are the aboriginal contact/impression anyone will accept of your website - accomplish abiding you use them to draw and attract absorbed visitors to your website and content. Aswell accomplish abiding your appellation and URL are keyword akin for best effect. Accepting your above keyword in your Area Name aswell helps, application a pike | to abstracted altered elements of your appellation has helped my rankings, so too does accepting your keyword in the aboriginal and endure 25 words on your pages.

4. Google will forward you the a lot of able cartage so apply the majority of your SEO efforts on Google. Don't avoid Yahoo! or MSN but Google is baron of seek so accord it the account it deserves. With its new browser, Google's access will alone abound stronger so you accept to optimize your pages for Google. Use Google's Webmaster Accoutrement and Google Analytics to fine-tune your pages/content. I aswell use Google Alerts to accumulate up on my alcove keywords and for animadversion link-building on the anew created pages Google is indexing.

5. Hotlink Building is still the a lot of able way to addition your seek rankings. Accomplish abiding you get backlinks from accordant sites accompanying to your alcove bazaar and accomplish abiding the 'anchor text' is accompanying to your keywords but don't avoid the argument and all-embracing superior of the agreeable bond to you. The ballast argument is the underlined/clickable allocation of a link. Don't overlook bond is a two-way street, accomplish abiding you hotlink out to top quality, top ranked accordant sites in your niche.

6. Commodity Marketing is a able-bodied accustomed adjustment of accepting superior backlinks and it still works. Writing abbreviate 500 - 700 chat advisory accessible online writing with your backlinks in the ability box is still actual able for accepting targeted cartage and backlinks. Longer online writing accept aswell formed for me and I use an all-encompassing arrangement of distribution, including SubmitYourArticle, Isnare, Thephantomwriters... additional added above online sites. Don't overlook the accomplished aspect of blogging and RSS feeds in your commodity distribution. And consistently bethink you're aswell application these online writing to pre-sell your agreeable or products. Don't overlook to advantage sites like Squidoo, Hubpages... to access your rankings and traffic.

7. Onsite Cartage Hubs accept formed acutely able-bodied for me. These cartage hubs are accomplished sections of your website adherent to one sub-division of your above theme. For example, if you accept a website on Gifts, again marriage ability could be a abstracted section. This would be absolutely fleshed out with all-encompassing pages accoutrement aggregate ambidextrous with marriage ability - a independent keyword affluent allocation of your website on marriage gifts. Works agnate as a sub-domain, but I adopt application a agenda to bisect it up, such as yourdomain/wedding_gifts. (Most experts advance consistently application a abutment in your urls, but underscores accept formed accomplished for me.) Seek engines adulation these keyword/content affluent hubs but accumulate in apperception you're creating agreeable to aboriginal amuse your visitors.

8. WordPress blog software is acutely able for SEO purposes. WordPress software is simple to install on your website even if you accept no acquaintance with installing server-side scripts. Besides, seek engines adulation these awful SEO affable blogs with their able-bodied structured agreeable and keyword tagging. I accept at atomic one of these on all my sites to draw in the seek engines and get my agreeable indexed and ranked. I aswell use Blogger (owned by Google), Bloglines and added chargeless blogs to advice deliver my content.

9. Amusing Bookmark/Media Sites are acceptable actual important on the web. These cover a accomplished ambit of amusing sites like MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter... media account sites like Digg, SlashDot, Technorati... you accept to get your agreeable into this accomplished mix if you wish to yield abounding SEO advantage of Web 2.0 sites. You should be abutting these sites and application them. It's time consuming, but it will accumulate you in the beat of things. One simple affair you accept to do is to put amusing bookmark buttons on all your pages so that your visitors can calmly bookmark your agreeable for you. You can use a WordPress plug-in. I like application the simple chargeless site/service from which gives me a simple button to put on all my content.

10. Masterplan! Abounding webmasters and website owners overlook to advance or accept an all-embracing masterplan/strategy if it comes to SEO. You accept to accept an compassionate of what SEO is and what it can do for you and your site. Added importantly, you just don't wish SEO - you wish able SEO. In adjustment to accomplish able SEO you accept to accept three things: Relevance, Authority and Conversions.

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