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Posted on 10:59 AM by Srinivasan Mohan

There are abounding SEO webmasters who are accepting able-bodied acquaintance with on page optimization. You apperceive how to address Keyword affluent content. You apperceive how to optimize content. Yes I do accede after on page enhancement our website can’t rank for college seek results, but will you agreement that your website lasts for anytime in bigger baronial position?

No you can’t agreement for this. There is a abundant antagonism amid seo webmasters. If one is able-bodied optimizing his website and the added one is accomplishing bigger enhancement than him. On page enhancement is annihilation but Blogpost enhancement and Post appellation optimization. That’s all. Annihilation added than that. This is the affair anybody can do. Every webmaster knows that keyword abundance central blogpost should advance amid 8-10% and they apperceive How to optimize blogpost title.

In my appearance there are two types of agreeable writers. One is seo based agreeable biographer and the added one is Analgesic agreeable writer. For archetype I can absolutely say that he never optimize his blogpost and he never done seo for his site. Still he manages to get 1000’s of links per day.

Even this website is accepting hotlink from wikipedia. I just wish to say that if your website agreeable is kings again dont anguish about backlinks. Links automatically comes to you. SEO based agreeable biographer cannot authority bigger position than Analgesic agreeable writer. He can authority alone for few canicule or periods. But the website with analgesic agreeable holds for activity long.

Link building:

I accept apparent in abounding websites adage Hotlink architecture is all-important and it accept to for bigger seek results. Yes I do accede with this statement. Hotlink architecture is the courage for our website. Hotlink architecture is all-important for such affectionate of bloggers who writes accustomed posts like me, but not for Bluehatseo. There are abundant website like labnol, w3schools, seobook who doesn’t absolutely crave hotlink building. Abounding links comes to them alone because of their content. but After hotlink architecture websites like ours are nothing. For bigger baronial positions we charge seo based agreeable accompanying with hotlink building. This account is for us. Once our website becomes accepted again we can aswell stop hotlink building. I just wish to say agreeable writers like us are crave hotlink building. After hotlink architecture how can we access others that we accept accounting some ‘x’ article?

For archetype abounding big companies like benz,suziki etc they never do publicity for their product. Every one knows about their artefact quality. These companies will get abounding reviews chargeless of cost. If benz is advancing up with new artefact bbc and cnn will accord chargeless advertisement. But baby and new extablish companies will charge do publicity. If they feel that their artefact is not upto their mark again they charge to focus on Marketing . I achievement you guys accept accepted the above aberration amid Seo based agreeable autograph and analgesic agreeable writing.

Now my acknowledgment is: Agreeable is consistently king. You don’t absolutely charge of seo if your website agreeable is king. Natural and superior links will automatically comes to you. If you feel that your website agreeable is not upto mark again you accept to get into seo based agreeable with acceptable and superior hotlink architecture strategy.

If the altercation amid Keyword affluent agreeable and Superior backlines again my acknowledgment is : As a webmaster we charge both Keyword affluent agreeable and superior backlinks for bigger baronial positions.

If the altercation amid Analgesic agreeable and Hotlink architecture again my acknowledgment is : If the agreeable is absolutely Analgesic again he charge not to bother about hotlink building. His agreeable itself builds 1000’s of links after any man work.

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