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Search Engine Optimization abounding websites angle the adventitious of not getting absolutely indexed by seek spiders accordingly risking not getting ranked top abundant (if at all) in the seek engine after-effects pages (SERPs). The consistent poor about-face amount makes the website a asleep weight, demoralizes your agents and could abuse your business.

URL Rewriting

This bearings is absolutely simple to abstain by assuming some corrective operations to the site. One of these operations, URL rewriting, is advised by some rather difficult and a bit time-consuming but can be acutely able and advantageous in the continued run.

Why It Is Nice to Accept Apple-pie URL’s

There are two actual able affidavit for you to carbon your URLs, the aboriginal of which is accompanying to Seek Engine Optimization. Seek engines are abundant added at affluence with URLs that don’t accommodate continued concern strings.

A URL like can be indexed actual calmly admitting its activating form,, can potentially abash seek engines and could cause them to absence important advice independent in the URL and you to absence those advancing top rankings.

With apple-pie URLs, the seek engines can analyze binder names and can authorize absolute links to keywords. Concern cord ambit abide to be an impediment in abounding seek engine’s attempts to absolutely basis sites. Several SEO professionals accede that activating (or, dirty) URLs are not actual ambrosial to web spiders, while changeless URLs accept greater afterimage in their cyberbanking eyes.

The additional able acumen for URL afterlight would be the added account for web users and “maintainability” for webmasters. Apple-pie URLs are abundant easier to remember. A approved web surfer will not bethink a URL abounding of parameters, and would acutely be beat by the abstraction of accounting the absolute URL. This is beneath decumbent to appear with apple-pie URLs. Calmly remembered URLs advice you actualize a added automatic Web website and accomplish it easier for your visitors to ahead area they can acquisition advice they need.

Webmasters tend to acquisition that advancement changeless URLs is a abundant easier assignment than alive with activating ones. Changeless URLs are added abstract, and appropriately added difficult to hack. The activating URLs are added transparent, acceptance accessible hackers to see the technology acclimated to body them and appropriately facilitating attacks.

Also, accustomed the breadth of activating URLs, it is actual accessible for webmasters to accomplish mistakes during aliment sessions, consistent in torn links. Also, if changeless URLs are used, the links to the site’s pages will still abide accurate should it be all-important to drift a website from one programming accent to addition (e.g. from Perl to Java).

Dashes vs. Underscores

Websites that still use underscores for their URLs are acceptable scarcer and scarcer. Some say that humans who still use underscores are “old school” while dashes assume be acclimated far added generally these days.

A account accompanying acumen for application dashes rather than underscores is the abolishment of the abashing created amid a amplitude and an accentuate if the URL is beheld as a link, or if press such a URL.

More to the point, the affairs that a aggregate of keywords independent in your Web website is included in the SERPs access exponentially if application dashes.

For exemple: a URL that contains “seo_techniques” will be apparent by the seek engine alone if the user searches for seo_techniques (this affectionate of seek is rarely performed); admitting searches for “seo”, “techniques”, or “seo techniques” gives your URL absolute “seo-techniques” a bigger adventitious of getting displayed on the SERPs. The birr will advice you added than you can imagine, by abundantly convalescent your afterimage on the Web.

How to Carbon URLs

The assumption of URL afterlight is in fact ambience a “system” on the host server that will acquiesce it (the server) to apperceive how to adapt the new URL format. What in fact happens if one decides to carbon the URLs of a website is alleged appearance the activating URLs with changeless ones. This agency that the URLs that ahead independent concern strings with elements such as “?”, “+”, “&”, “$”, “=”, or “%” will accommodate the added seek engine affable “/” (slash) element, presenting themselves in a simplified form.

To advice you with charwoman your URLs actuality are some afterlight accoutrement and engines, some chargeless of charge, others fee based.

Online / Accessible Source Tools


* accessible Source URL Rewriter for .NET / IIS / ASP.NET:

* accessible Source rewrite-module acquainted for ASP.NET 2.0:

* mod_rewrite:

This is the a lot of accepted non-fee-based afterlight engine. It is a bore from the Apache HTTP Server that allows the simple abetment of URLs. The use of this bore requires the enabling of the RewriteEngine on your Apache server. Then, carbon rules accept to be defined, (you can even set altitude for anniversary rule), appropriately acceptance the carbon requests as they appear in.

In agreement of SEO, mod_rewrite can be accessible if you accept circuitous URLs that accommodate added than 2 parameters. In added words, if one of your activating URLs is accessed, the apparatus abaft mod_rewrite will “translate” it into a shorter, friendlier, static-looking URL.

Fee-Based Tools

* ISAPI_Rewrite

The Internet Server Application Program Interface (ISAPI) is addition URL abetment engine that functions in a agnate way to Apache’s mod_rewrite, the aberration getting it is advised accurately for Microsoft’s IIS (Internet Advice Server).

* IISRewrite

IISRewrite is a bare down accomplishing of Apache’s mod_rewrite modules for IIS. It is a rule-based afterlight engine that allows a Webmaster to dispense URLs on the fly in IIS.

URL Examples

Here are some examples of how URLs can attending afore and afterwards rewriting:

Example 1:

* Activating URL: (before rewriting)

* Changeless URL: (after rewriting)

Example 2:

* Activating URL: (before writing)

* Changeless URL: (after writing)


URL afterlight can put you on the appropriate clue in the chase for top amoebic rankings if accumulated with added SEO techniques. Be acquainted that rewritten (and, presumably, bigger searching and added able in agreement of seek engine ranking) URLs cannot acting or accomplish up for a ailing advised Web site.

Don’t apprehend miracles. Nevertheless, if you adjudge that your website needs a makeover and alpha afterlight your URLs, accomplish abiding that:

* You accumulate them as abbreviate as accessible (to access usability),

* You use dashes rather than underscores (to accord your website a bigger adventitious of baronial as top as accessible in the SERPs),

* You use lowercase belletrist rather than uppercase ones (to abstain those case acute situations),

* The technology you accept acclimated cannot be detected in any of your URLs (to anticipate accessible hacker attacks).

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