Search Engine Optimization - Basics - Domain Name Basic Seo tips

Posted on 8:54 PM by Srinivasan Mohan

Basic Seo tips

Domain Name : Seo optimization starts right from the domain name booking. Believe it or not your domain name has a large amount to do with your ranking in Google.

Using a keyword in the domain name is only helpful if you separate the words with hyphens. General speculation is that too many hyphens might trigger a trust issue with the domain, so more than one or two hyphens is not recommended. A good brand name is always better than a keyword-filled domain.

  • the length of the domain registration (one year <-> several years)
  • the address of the web site owner, the admin and the technical contact
  • the stability of data and host company
  • the number of pages on a web site (web sites must have more than one page)
Google claims that they have a list of known bad contact information, name servers and IP addresses that helps them to find out whether a spammer is running a domain.

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